Who's telling your story?

I am a storyteller!


Design is really an act of communication. To develop a deeper and more meaningful connection with consumers, I believe design must invite customers to take part in the conversation.

Armed with insight, I embark on designing the right brand experience that engages your audience. It encompasses both the strategic direction and creative execution that brings your brand to life.

Emotional design creates a connection and can influence motivators, paving the way to competitive advantage and growth for your business.


Hi, my name is Wendy!

I champion brands and bring them into the spotlight.

Welcome to WWBC.us!

  • I have a Bachelor of Science in Marketing.
  • Offer more than 25 years of experience in marketing, web design, content strategy, branding, statistics, and print and digital media.
  • Resident of Damascus, Maryland.

Some consider me to be a serial entrepreneur. I am the founder and owner of three small businesses – WWBC.us (Wendy Wheeler Brand Consulting), W Fleur Aroma, and Baby Pea Clothing. My extensive business knowledge has taught me how navigate the digital footprint paving the way for your business to stand out from the crowd.

I am passionate about helping you find your creative voice and have a knack for discovering the undiscovered. By leveraging your unique strengths we can build a strategic roadmap and deliver the right customers to you.

Wendy L. Wheeler
Wendy L. Wheeler, C.A.
Owner | Founded in 2015​

I absolutely love the Yin and Yang of marketing! It involves both emotional creativity and analytical thinking. Two halves working together toward wholeness and harmony. It’s the dance of opposites — where seemingly contrary forces are actually complementary.

One brand. one voice. all crafted with love